NARP LEO 10-Codes

These codes are used by NARP’s Law Enforcement Officials when making radio calls.

10-0Server Crash (RP Blackout)10-48Traffic Standard Repair at <location>
10-1Unable Copy – Change Location10-49Lock-out
10-2Signal Good10-50Accident (F-Fire, PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage V-Vehicle)
10-3Notify news media10-51Wrecker(Tow Truck) Needed
10-4Message received, understood10-52Ambulance Needed
10-5Change channel Speak Privately10-53Road Blocked at (location)
10-6Busy – Unless Urgent10-54Possible dead body
10-7Out of service10-55Intoxicated Driver
10-8In service10-56Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-9Repeat message10-57Hit and Run (PI-Personal Injury, PD-Property Damage V-Vehicle)
10-10Fight In Progress10-58Direct Traffic
10-11Traffic Stop10-59Convoy or Escort
10-12Visitor(s) present10-60Squad in Vicinity
Officer down, all patrols respond10-61Personnel in Area
10-14Citizen w/suspect10-62Meet a citizen
10-17Meet Complainant10-62ATake a report from a citizen
10-18Urgent10-62BCivilian standby
10-19Return(ing) to station10-63Prepare to copy
10-20Your Location10-64Found property
10-21Call ( ) by Phone10-66Suspicious person
10-22Disregard10-67Person calling for help
Arrived at Scene10-68Dispatch Information
10-25Report in Person (Meet)10-69Message Received
10-26Prisoner in custody10-70Fire Alarm
10-27D.D.L. report10-71Advise Nature of Fire
10-28Registration request10-72Report Progress on Fire
10-29Check for wants10-73Smoke Report
10-30Unnecessary Use of Radio10-76En Route (route taken)
10-31Crime in Progress10-77ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
10-32Person with Gun10-78Need Assistance
10-33Emergency10-80Chase in Progress
10-34Riot in progress 10-81Breatherlizr Report
10-35Major Crime Alert10-86Assume post
10-36Confidential information10-88Store Robbery
10-37(Investigate) Suspicious Vehicle10-89Bomb Threat
10-38Stopping Suspicious Vehicle10-90Bank Alarm at (location)
Drugs involved10-92Improperly Parked Vehicle
10-41Beginning Tour of Duty10-93Blockade
10-42Ending Tour of Duty10-94Drag Racing / Street Racing
10-43Need Information10-95Subject in Custody
10-44Active Shooting10-96Mental Subject
10-45Condition of patient?10-97Superviser needed at my location
10-46Assisting Motorist10-98Prison / Jail Break
10-47Emergency Road Repair at (Location of shop)10-99Warrants or stolen (vehicle) indicated
10-100Misdemeanor warrant10-600Livestock down
10-101What is Status? (Are you secure?)10-1000Felony warrant