All is Quiet in the Square.. Except the Mechanics

Published 6/27/2019
Written By Rush Tosh

There was a day when Legion Square drew crowds of people, hot rods and the hottest imports; it was the social hub of Los Santos. Lately, however, the parking spaces once used to throw impromptu parties and car shows serve little more purpose than harboring shady business deals and free parking for idle tow trucks.

Idle Tow Trucks of Los Santos
Top Notch Tow Trucks Stand Idle in Legion Square

Los Santos is home to an eclectic population spanning from artists, businessmen, law enforcement, gangsters, white collar workers and entrepreneurs. Where have the people gone? What has driven them away from the square? An abundant police and heavy truck presence could very well be driving the public away.

Many have witnessed conversations including workers using the square as a staging space with local law enforcement which have been immediately followed up by arrests, violence and the start of cliche car chases. This is not an inviting environment for the creative, inventive and exciting population of Los Santos. Fortunately there is a cure for this epidemic and simply put, it’s numbers. The more people that use the square for its intended purpose, an open public space, the less room there will be for those looking to detour the good times.

The future is bright for Legion Square. Party buses, taco trucks and car shows will make their return to our amazing city. It only takes one spark to reignite the flame. Are you the spark we need?