Car Explodes at Legion Square

February 3, 2021

NARP is kicking off again!

People are moving back to the city! New residents have been seen moving back into Los Santos and establishing careers!...
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August 19, 2019

Two Dead at hands of Unknown Assailant

Published 8/19/2019By Imogen Winters In an unprovoked incident last night, two airport workers were savagely killed. A witness to the...
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June 27, 2019

All is Quiet in the Square.. Except the Mechanics

Published 6/27/2019 Written By Rush Tosh There was a day when Legion Square drew crowds of people, hot rods and...
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June 23, 2019

Routine Traffic Stop Turns Deadly

>Published 6/22/2019 Written By Rudy Tosh Around 11:00pm local time tonight, two men driving a monster truck were pulled over...
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January 11, 2019

Were All Broke!

Los Santos
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December 5, 2018

Weazel News is FAKE News

Only belevehave of what is reported....
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