Routine Traffic Stop Turns Deadly

>Published 6/22/2019
Written By Rudy Tosh

Around 11:00pm local time tonight, two men driving a monster truck were pulled over by local law enforcement for driving an illegal vehicle on city streets. After fleeing the stop, and evading police, the men held up Rob’s Liquor Store on El Rancho Rd but were once again thwarted by members of the San Andreas Highway Patrol, Los Santos Police and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.

Law Enforcement First Responders

Officer Doug McDonald engaged in negotiations with the two men, later identified as Michael Esernio and Dan Brown. Negotiations quickly broke down and gunfire erupted from the store leaving Officer McDonald with minor injuries. Officer Bobby Ducksfanguy responded to the gunfire with a barrage of teargas, one of the suspects refusing to surrender was later found dead from a lack of oxygen.

Quick backup from Blaine County Sheriff Brandon Man allowed the trio breach the scene and bring the unfortunate event to an end, leaving the remaining Esernio dead. All law enforcement agents were cleared after receiving minor medical attention.