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ABSOLUTE MADNESS! $14,200 raised by the TriHard Community for #BlackLivesMatter

I am so proud, and this isn't even the dedicated fundraiser planned for tomorrow. Haha!

I’m going to be co-hosting this weeks Follow Friday on with @MsAshRocks!

We going to be reviewing this weeks top Fortnite clips 😈

Grab your snacks and come thru!

Creators are often lighthouses guiding the way for the rest of society. Here are a few of the Black creators leading critical activism, and educating others about anti-racism and Black history.

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1 year ago

New CAD Update out today come check it out

1 year ago
New Age Roleplay are creating A Gaming Community | Patreon

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1 year ago

Brand new live server on some new hardware launching today come by check it out play and Hangout more info to come

1 year ago

Live server will up to date soon with all the amazing improvement from the test server like multi character that are 100% separate from each other